Energías Renovables Hidro Balear


Committed to respecting and caring for the environment, we integrate renewable sources of energy into our offer and into our projects. Through the use of these inexhaustible energy resources an important saving in the useful life of the installations is achieved.


Hidro Balear understand that our present and future is to integrate sustainable projects that are respectful of the environment to the maximum in each project. Our Engineering department will advise you and design your sustainable project for your home or business in a personalized way. We are working with commitment in those spaces in which renewable energy is possible and economically viable.

  • Sun Energy
    Geothermal energy
    Photovoltaic energy
    Biomass energy

The sun is the safest, cleanest and most inexhaustible source of energy we can imagine. Therefore, we have the right products and accessories for the use and coverage of most of the energy needs of the home.

  • F1 flat solar collector
  • Vacuum tubular collector R1
  • IPEsol modules at low temperature
  • BW tanks for hot water
  • BWH tanks for heating
  • Solar Hydraulic Group
  • Temperature differential regulators