Productos y servicios para el Tratamiento del Agua | Descalcificación y Ósmosis


The extensive experience of our professionals allows us to have the appropriate know-how in the different technologies applicable to water treatment (ion exchange, membrane separation, filtration, dosing, etc.) in the different sectors of action: domestic, commercial and industrial.


In line with our objective of offering a comprehensive service in all types of facilities, in our product catalog we have a line of articles and systems suitable for any water treatment.

· Horizontal and vertical multicell pumps
· Centrifugal pumps
· Jet, duojet and self-priming pumps
· Pumps for swimming pool
· Accessories for swimming pool
· Filters for swimming pool
· Clean water submersible pumps
· Pump accessories for clean water
· Submersible pumps for drainage
· Submersible pumps for charged water
· Submersible pumps for wastewater
· Peripheral pumps
· High pressure pumps
· Diesel pumps
· Pumps for diesel
· Decorative fountains pumps
· Heating pumps
· Accessories for heating
· Pumps for various uses
· Pressure equipment
· Fire-fighting equipment
· Membrane, galvanized, heating and solar tanks
· Systems
· A.C.S
· Air conditioning
· Cold water


We offer you the best reverse osmosis systems for water purification. Enjoy in your home of natural water of first quality, healthy and free of impurities.


We have quality equipment to treat the hardness of water. Ideal domestic decalcifiers to remove lime from your home, benefiting your health, extending the life of your appliances and protecting the pipes.