Ingeniería y Proyectos Hidro Balear


Our company has its own Engineering and Design departments in Spain and the Caribbean. Custom projects in Pools and Spas.


Our Engineering Department offers our clients design, creation and development projects using state-of-the-art technology and top quality materials, a comprehensive advisory service, maintenance for your facilities and an absolutely personalised service on the basis of your project’s specific requirements.
We also coordinate international projects together with the Department of Engineering in the Caribbean.

Comprehensive Advisory Service

  • Options Study: We put at your disposal all of our experience and professionalism to suggest the very best design and to recommend comprehensive solutions for your project.
  • Initial Project: We use the initial study to prepare an initial design proposal in keeping with your needs, and we analyse with you the layout for the elements and any potential modifications that might have to be made to the proposal.
  • Plans and materials: We carry out your project in Autocad and we generate a 3D image that shows all the details.


We implement your project offering you a comprehensive product, completely terminated and with a high level of finishes.


We offer a comprehensive service for carrying out functional and aesthetic improvements to your facilities, which includes incorporating all the latest and new elements and the most suitable materials. We also guarantee the smooth running of all the items of equipment installed.


We have our own technical assistance department that is responsible for the maintenance of your facilities once they are operating.